Friday, December 30, 2005

Things I HATE

bad drivers
depressing people
bad smells
ugliness (behavior)
people spitting
open wounds
tacky weddings
actors with bad accents
my fat
tight pants
soy milk
tight bras (on me and others)
cold rainy days
cyclone fence
fruit loops
any fruit and dairy together
gravy touching anything sweet
strapless anything
black angels at the dollar store
cheap imitaion barbies
thong underwear
bleach blond hair
junk mail
bad milk
bodily odors
dummys (they are creepy)
drunk guys
teeth whiteners
holiday ties
meat with bones

Monday, December 26, 2005

Why put fruit in cookies?? maybe people feel better about eating butter, eggs, flour and sugar if they also eat some sort of fruit. To me - you eat fruit and eat cookies but not together.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Homestudy went great but they want me to change the letter to the birth mother and sign both our names. I have tried to think how to do that but i honestly don't want to . I know she wants to know that T would say all that but he would say the thing about being adopted..........I am at a loss! I really don't know what else to do----other than that it's just typos and misspelled words (figure that)......
Then the big money - $4500 when you hand those in -------time for a loan!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Twins are weird.....not weird - just totally foreign to me. The whole twin dynamic is so different to anything i understand. To be that close to someone else is......not something i understand. I just read an article about two male twins (28) who went to a twins festival and met two twins ladies. They lost them in the crowd but made an impression. The two guys went back home and posted a picture of themselves on a twin website. When the two girls finally got a computer 8 months later they looked on the site and saw their pictures.....the started e-mailing and that was it. They married and live together in a five bedroom house - both couples have a child that's three. People think it's a bit strange but they are all so close that they couldn't imagine not being together all the works for them.

twins are weird..................
Once i saw a girl i knew drive away from a gas tank with the nozzel in her car. The hose popped off the tank and whipped around with gas spewing all over. I laughed (after i knew we wouldn't all blow up) and thought how stupid someone would have to be to do something like that. How anyone could be so distracted they coulnd't remember the nozzel in their car.

Well, guess what i did? I had to go into Quick Trip to get some scratch off tickets for a small gift we were giving to two of my employees and i thought i would also get a coffee. I walked out - in a hurry to get back to work (my assistant is off today) and started to drive off. I heard a tell-tale sound and stopped right away. I wasn't that far from the tank but far enough away that it had been ripped from the tank!! YIKES. I got out and a little lady was grinning at me. I was so embarrassed and said "I have NEVER done thisa before in my life!" She came back with "there's a first time for everything". I said "i'm just glad i didn't blow everybody up!"

I drove back to work and walked in to tell the receptionist and another employee when two city officers came in (that we sort of know) and they told me I was being arrested---so serious. I was sure they were kidding and so embarrassed that someone i knew saw what i did. I was just hoping they didn't tell my boss ------they went to his office first! JERKS!

Now i have to put up with the dumb jokes all day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am starting this blog so i can really write what i think. It's more for me than anyone.....and i guess anyone else who cares what i think.

I don't really care what anybody thinks about me. I'm the one that has to answer to God and what other people think has no bearing on my eternity.....

We are adopting a baby and i have a blog about that but i don't ever want anyone to read it and have to know about some of the stupid stuff i think. I mean, why bore them and why have a record of it? It may come back to haunt me.

For instance, what if the baby is ugly?....I know I will still love the child but I want a cute little baby who grows up to be good looking. Is that so much to ask? I want a smart, goodlooking, talented child. I guess everyone does. God has the child picked out for us I'm sure but I hope God doesn't take into consideration that i am good with children who are mentally challenged, have autism, have a deformity or are different somehow. I love kids like that - i will give them all my attention and try to make them feel great. My heart goes out to them. But i don't want to have a life-time of too hard, too emotional. I want a normal child who i can be so proud of. These are all things people think - they just don't say it. Does it make me a bad person? If i had a child with these problems i would face my future and do the very best i could to give them a great future but i PRAY God takes pity on me. He knows my heart, He knows my weaknesses, He also knows my selfishness.

Okay, i also yesterday met my other half-sister for the first time. I went to her wedding 3 years ago (no one knew but my birthfather) and we met last night at his house. She came in from out of town and was there when we went by with presents....B's wife mentioned about us being at the wedding and i told her i felt like a spy and any moment we would be discpvered - she laughed. She was so nice and we were all very comfortable talking. Considering he didn't know I even existed until i was 34 and she didn't know until last year.....

He gave us "last minute" gifts by the way, the kind you buy in the line at Target when you remember you need to give a co-worker or neighbor something.....i wasn't being greedy - i don't care what he gives us or how much he spends but don't insult me. Buy a card only if it says what you want it to. DON'T give me trash that you put no thought into - it is an insult.

Okay - i have so much to say - but i will continue another time - there are bills to pay!!!!