Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Once i saw a girl i knew drive away from a gas tank with the nozzel in her car. The hose popped off the tank and whipped around with gas spewing all over. I laughed (after i knew we wouldn't all blow up) and thought how stupid someone would have to be to do something like that. How anyone could be so distracted they coulnd't remember the nozzel in their car.

Well, guess what i did? I had to go into Quick Trip to get some scratch off tickets for a small gift we were giving to two of my employees and i thought i would also get a coffee. I walked out - in a hurry to get back to work (my assistant is off today) and started to drive off. I heard a tell-tale sound and stopped right away. I wasn't that far from the tank but far enough away that it had been ripped from the tank!! YIKES. I got out and a little lady was grinning at me. I was so embarrassed and said "I have NEVER done thisa before in my life!" She came back with "there's a first time for everything". I said "i'm just glad i didn't blow everybody up!"

I drove back to work and walked in to tell the receptionist and another employee when two city officers came in (that we sort of know) and they told me I was being arrested---so serious. I was sure they were kidding and so embarrassed that someone i knew saw what i did. I was just hoping they didn't tell my boss ------they went to his office first! JERKS!

Now i have to put up with the dumb jokes all day!

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