Monday, December 25, 2006

Saw the Lifetime Movie

I tell you, Lifetime does have sappy movies but sometimes I get so caught up in them....they are the only station that has fairly decent movies about adoption. (along with the bad ones). The one I watched last night was "Our son the Matchmaker" --quite sappy but when she meets her son after 28 years of seperation it was very similar to my reunion. They stood there and just stared at eachother.
It made me feel so sorry for my biomom. It reminded me, again, what she must have went through. I am sorry for it all.
This morning I am thinkin of J's biomom....hope this first Christmas is bearable with her loved one's....

4 comments: said...

The first Christmas without your child can be hard. Being together with all the family it becomes obvious that someone is missing.

Phone her or send her a message and tell her you have been thinking of her and tell her what you got J. for Christmas.

Season's Greetings!

petunia said...

I think I will...I'm going to have to send her the same ornament I bought J too---nothing with a name on it (since it's still all a secret for her) but something she can have and only she knows when she looks at it. I think a teddy bear ornament too - since she and J have the same bear. I will also send the pic of her I used for her chistmas card. I'm thinking about her alot this holiday. said...

What is a secret? Did you rename her baby or you are keeping the name of her mother a secret from J?

I am all Decembered out so my brain is tired.

There are way too many secrets and lies in adoption. Not saying you are lying just to clarify.

Did you read the comment on my blog where an adoptee was discouraged from a reunion because they had told her brother that she had died at birth??

petunia said...

Kim - I'm sorry I never replied....I just saw your post. Baby J's biomom never told her family so it's still a big secret. I try to give her things that don't have anything identifying on it so she can have it out when her family would come.