Monday, December 03, 2007

None are So Blind as Those Who Will Not See
Part 6

"God does not want infertile people to be parents, it is a punishment....."

This one makes me laugh and I see a cartoon picture of the anti-adoption people on one side of the playground saying "nana, nana boo boo.....God just wants to punish you...." bullies.....

This is just like saying AIDS is a punishment. AIDS is a result of sin.... But there are people that have AIDS who have not sinned. Healthcare workers, People who have had transfusions, hemophiliacs, children born with AIDS because their mother had other people's sin affect others. This is not a punishment because they were bad....

Cancer is a result of sin....but not the sin of the people who have the cancer. It's many, many years of abuse of the body, the foods we eat, the chemicals we have used, the contaminants on our food and in the air,'s all sin.
If someone has cancer are THEY being punished?

Infertility can be the result of many years of abuse from previous generations as well ......chemicals on our foods, medications and environmental contaminants have affected our bodies, our DNA and our fertility. It is the result of other people's sin.....sometimes the sin and abuse of our own bodies (being overweight, on drugs, previous abortions, chronic illness).

Again, this is not a punishment, I don't take it personally. They have never found a reason...the Doc says I should be able to get pregnant.

I now know why I never did....J wouldn't be a part of us then....say what you will, but there is a divine plan. There are just too many things that went absolutely right.....and they keep stacking up...... The odds are staggering. If this is punishment.....keep it coming!!


reedster said...

"The odds are staggering. If this is punishment.....keep it coming!!"

My sentiments exactly. :)

petunia said...

I'm glad you see it my way. If the happiness and joy I feel with this child is punishment.....I'll take more. More Joy, more adopted children to love and hold and cherish. I didn't realize you were so level headed....

LaLa said...

When we first mentioned we were adopting one of my sisters said "if God meant for you to have children, you would" I knew what she meant but I looked at her and said "I know...and we ARE and God definitely means for her to be our child" GRRRRR

petunia said...

lala, I so agree. You don't know until you are in the position we are. You know without a shadow of a doubt it's the right thing. The nay sayers can only look at it from their perspective.....they are "the blind who will not see"...or I should say "cannot see".

petunia said...

by the way, thanks Mary, for your opinion....what are you doing up so late at night?

Trace said...

Punishment? My husband is not meant to be a father? He was born w/a birth defect...not what I would call a sin.

Thanks for the beer quote!!

clwarfel said...

My husband had cancer as a child (please inform me what sin a 6 year old boy could possibly commit to make him infertile.)

So as a result, I can not conceive. What sin did I commit then? Why am I not meant to be a mom; I am not infertile, there is nothing medically or functionally wrong with me.

But if I go out and sleep with my married co-worker (whose wife is expecting, so I'm assuming no Male-Factor infertility there), then I could conceive.

I'd be sinning, and I would break up two marriages, but I would be pregnant. So I guess God wants me to commit adultery so that I am meant to be a mom.

The whole idea of you were meant to be parents then you'd conceive is just ridiculous.

And to make another point, was Susan Smith and Baby Grace's parent's meant to be parents. Their parents were responsible for those children's deaths.