Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Great Bunch of People Mr. Obama

I have been spending time on political blogs and it's amazing the stupidity of people. People are for Obama because the media tells them they should be or Saturday Night Live or Oprah....whoever will think for them. No one really knows what Obama is about. He is a good speaker but what about who is is??? What he believes???

This was a comment I left recently about the group of advisers that Obama has surrounded himself with:

Let's see, who are Obama's advisers? Oh yea, the Rev. and McPeak- oh great....they sound brilliant (they hate Whites, Jews, Christians and Italians....probably more). Another is Axelrod ...he was a political columnist.....that's all? whoa, what a resume. He became a political strategist after that, an "expert" on web campaigning (i will say, he's good at that but not going to give good advice about anything short, a salesman just like Obama).
Penny Pritzker (a really, really rich Democrat....crazy).....Ms. Moneybags is the chair of the finance wonder, not only has she contributed a bundle but she and her family were ordered to pay $460 million to avoid being punished for the failure of Superior bank. Boy, this crowd is great so far.
Let's see. A new comer to politics....Goolsbee.... and even fellow democrats say things like: "Goolsbee may be a dandy economist but he is a fool when it comes to dealing with foreign officials" and "They may run a terrific campaign. But governing and managing foreign policy is not the same as campaigning."
He called The Canadian's ambassador to US and told him that Obama was "going to speak out on NAFTA but reassured Wilson that the criticisms would only be campaign rhetoric, and should not be taken at face value."----oops.
Marian Robinson, Barack Obama's mother-in-law, has emerged as a vital element of the campaign by caring for the Obama children during the long race. Oh yea, and she was finance chair for Barack's Senate campaign. I wonder what church she goes to?
Another Obama adviser, Power, told the BBC that "Obama's plan to withdraw all troops from Iraq within 16 months was subject to change once he took office." - Where did he find these people???

Oh, and Obama's resume on Foreign Policy: Chairman of the Oversight Commitee on NATO for Afganistan! Impressive huh! Ok so he held no meetings and didn’t resign so someone could actually work on the commitee before the Tallaban surge that is coming this spring, but it is on Obama’s resume and is impressive isn’t it?

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