Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How many States are there Mr. Obama??

Click HERE to see how many Barrack thinks we, if Bush would have done this - no one would hear the end of it. And who wants the big O as president?


BethGo said...

Ok...are you kidding me here? Do you know how tired this guy is? He's been working really hard. It's called a slip of the tongue. Sheesh! I make mistakes all the time. I proofread my posts diligently and I still find errors after the fact.
The only person who can fault him on this one is somebody who is grasping for straws.
And Tuney, I've read your blog, it's full of typos and errors. you are not perfect yourself, sister.

And I am not voting for him nor do I support him but this is silly.

He's a human being, he's not perfect.

George Bush senior puked on somebody during his time as president, remember? Nobody is holding that against him. He's human.
Remember Dan Quayle? Remember George W. choking on a pretzel?

Barack Obama is a a lot of things but he's not a moron. Give the guy a break, he's freaking tired!

Attack him on his policies all you want but I have a feeling that if you'd just spent over a year of your life doing what he's been doing, you probably wouldn't know your own name.

petunia said...

Please? If GW would have done this it would be all over CNN.... and yes, they pinned Quayle on misspelling potato (with an e at the end), and YES they all STILL show GWs mistakes...the puking, the trying the locked door see it run over and over....but he NEVER said there were 57 states....come body's that tired. And you NEVER saw that on CNN either.
He IS tired....that's for sure....I'm tired of the whole Marxist party.