Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama IS a Fruitcake!

Thank you Mindy for pointing out THIS article about Obama distorting the bible. I already knew Obama's view of the bible is distorted and wrong and his sense of morality is skewed. I think what bothered me more about the article is that Dobson suggested he may not vote for president. Even though I may not agree with everything McCain stands for - I have an obligation to NOT let Obama rule this land with the set of "non-morals" he preaches. McCain, at least, has a strong sense of right and wrong as far as life (he's Pro-life), Liberty (he understands our military role and foreign policy), and the pursuit of happiness (he doesn't want to rob the rich to give to the poor, he is for free enterprise and has a sense of morality). Good Lord - all the Christians need to step forward and do the right thing - NOT sit back and do nothing! Shame on you Dr. Dobson for mentioning your idea and possibly influencing people like that. My SIL and children have said - Our vote is for Jesus. I said, "unfortunately, if you vote for Jesus this go-around - it's a vote for the devil himself - OBAMA". :)

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