Sunday, July 06, 2008

Turtle Savior

Thirty years ago there were WAY more turtles. Everytime we found one I put a big P on the Turtles back before letting it go. I never saw a turtle with a P on it's back again. If anyone found one where they live - they came from my house.
Today I felt like a hero. Baby J and I were driving along and I nearly missed a turtle in the road. The guy behind me nearly missed the turtle too. It had almost made it across the road. When I said "oops, there's a turtle in the road" In my mind I thought I should stop and get it across the road. But after a beat or two, Baby J yelled "GET IT, GET THE TURTLE" and it was as if I was told exactly what I had to do. I turned around praying that a goofy little turtle would still be alive in the road. I stopped in someone's driveway and picked up a very scared little turtle - hiding in it's shell on the part of the road where all the tires drive over- just not quite out of the way. I showed it to Baby J - who did NOT want it any closer - put it in grass and got back in the car feeling I did my good deed for the day(and No, I did not put a P on it's back--but I thought about it).
After we were back on the road, Baby J kept saying "mommy help turtle" "mommy, help turtle" (about 10 times), I feel like a superhero!

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