Friday, September 26, 2008

Potty on the Big Potty

Oh my goodness....J is potty training herself!
I have not pushed potty training. I just always said when I changed her diaper, "One day when you're a big girl, you'll go potty on the big potty".

Family Toilet Seat
I found a GREAT toilet seat
J was so excited when I brought it home she sat on it on the floor before I could even install it. When she saw it on the toilet she HAD to sit on makes them feel so much more secure - she doesn't feel like she'll "fall in". It took just a few days before we got a "tinkle". I praised J so much and said we would go and buy a special dolly for going for the first time on the big potty. We got temporary tattoos, a bracelet and a dolly. A matching necklace will be opened if she "poo poos" on the potty.....remember, these are technical terms.
Within two weeks there is a control of the Keigal muscles....tinkling at will....YEA. Now it's all about "holding it", feeling the urge to go and waiting to sit on the she is growing up!

****amendment.....Saturday we achieved the POO! Necklaces all around!!!!

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Pep said...

That is a great potty seat! BRAVO!