Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mommy Girl

I LOVE being a mommy...I love to be called mommy. I love all the ways she can say mommy and it means all different things:
-the sound when I pick J up at the babysitter and hear "MOMMY!!!",
-I love the sound of mommy when she snuggles into my neck and drags it out...
"mooooommmmmyyyyyy" - i love it!
-The sound of "mommy" all sleepy when she wakes up in the morning and sits up in her bed
bewildered how she can fall asleep between us and wake up in her own bed....
-The giggling "mommy" when I have her down tickling her....
-The "mommy" when she wants to eat or have some milk
-The "mommy" when she is scared and running to jump into my arms....

The best "mommy" yet is in the last few days.... I get called "mommy girl" - It's when she is having fun and she is loving our time together....LOVE IT!

The only thing that's better is when she says "I love you"

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