Sunday, May 14, 2006

S wanted someone Catholic

So even at one out of three, we are losers. I keep telling myself that the right situation and the right person will come along - i must be patient----T just lives life and doesn't worry about much. He doesn't put much thought into things at all. He lives in the "Life is good" mentality exept for much about himself (he never thinks he's good enough).....I am much less patient with this!

At the same time -it scares me a little to actually get picked....change our lives and turn them up-side-down. That's what this will do. And we're not young----sometimes I think there is a reason God made people fertile so young and menopause at my age------because people my age are too old to have children-----babies are for the young.

The wait continues

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kime said...

You are still young and young at heart. You both are still fun and playfull. Some people remain that way forever. Think of Deb!! Need I say more?
It is hard to have patience when you have been waiting for so long! The hard part is that you don't have a "due" date. That is why it is so torturious. I cannot think of anything else in life that is a simialar wait except waiting for the right one to come along for marriage. That can be just as painful. Then we have had dear friends that wanted a husband and kids and they are in their 40's, and still single! Double heart ache.
I am wishing and praying for something to happen soon. I know you both are going to be fantastic parents. I have watched you both with kids of all ages (even teenagers!) and you both are incredible. (choking up) Sure, your lives will be turned upside down! But oh boy...what a wonderful ride! I can't wait!