Monday, May 22, 2006

Teenages......are they all bad??

I drove home on Friday from playing golf and I got to the end of an alley and there is an exit to a gas station there and also a bus stop. There was a woman there sitting on the curb waiting for a bus. She was not an old woman but she looked homeless, meek, scared even--maybe in her 50s. It was drizzly and a dreary, rotten day. As I pulled to the end of the alley a car came out of the gas station and two teenage girls threw an open beer can at this woman waiting for the bus. The can hit her and ber spilled all over her clothes. The girls yelled something too but I couldn't hear it. The woman didn't even look up and she looked scared. I honked like i have never honked before - i was SO mad! I stopped my car and rooled down my window. I asked the woman if she was alright and she mumbled something. She may have been a crack head....but no one deserves that. I told the woman those girls were loses and I apologized for how bad theyh were to her. I told her to have a good day and I drove off. I was upset about that all the way home.

That night I went to sing at a "Senior Prom". I do it every year with my little jazz band. The seniors from a high school come in all dressed up to a nursing home and dance with the senior citizens. It a ritzy school in a nice part of town and there has been a dwindling number of students the past five years. It started with about 20-25 of them then year by year there are fewer. This year there were two and two teachers. It was embarrassing. The two that came were foreign and did not dance. In fact, they stood behind people and refused to talk to people. Okay, i was upset already and now where are the freaking teens???? Where are the ones who really aren't bad and selfish and full of themselves??

The McDonalds and a few other fast food restaurants in our area employ many people over 65 because they can't find teens to do it --ARG!!!

My child will be caring - i was showed how to care about others, i had great role models......Who are these kids parents???????????????

Okay folks - are there decent teeangers left??


Attila The Mom said...

It's disheartening, isn't it?

When my little guy was 12, he learned how to sew in home ec. He loves colors and textures and fabrics. He wanted to learn how to quilt.

In effect, I had to learn how to quilt with him. Measurements and cutting were beyond him.

He designed and made some really fabulous quilts for friends and family.

One day, when he was 13, he saw a show about homeless people and a boy who did a quilt project. He was really worried about people who didn't have homes or beds or moms and dads to tuck them in at night. So he wanted to make quilts for them.

He made 10 heavy-duty quilts and we arranged to take them to the local rescue mission. They were so delighted, they asked if they could mention him in their monthly newsletter. Well of course!

The only problem is that they didn't want to write about a 13-year-old boy who took the problem of the homeless to heart and tried to make a difference.

They wanted to emphasize how "God" touched a "retarded/autistic" boy to be sensitive to their cause, and grab donor heartstrings by exploiting his disability.

When we asked that they not include mention of his disability, they weren't interested any more.

It's a flashy world nowadays. Tell the girls they can wear thongs and that the media will be there. Next time, you'll have a lot of takers, I'll bet. :-(

petunia said...

I'm in a little band with four little old men. They are all retired professional men who had a hobby of playing these instruments on they have gotten together and play all the old standards all over the place. They are quite good actually but since they are so old they tend to play at retirement homes, VFWs, WWII reunions etc. That's the music they all like anyway, but I like it too. I can't sing with them during the day in the week but I do go on evenings and weekends (when I'm not doing dinner theater) and sing ....I love 'em, they're sweet little old guys.

petunia said...

My favorites are:
My Funny Valentine
Hey There
Someone to Watch Over Me
Moon River
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
These Foolish Things
Three Coins in the Fountain
Etc, Etc, Etc.....
you know, the torch songs.....oh yeah!

petunia said...

oohh, i'm going to check those other one's out - never heard of them....have you heard of Rhode Island is Famous For You? (it's cute but I guess a little too American) and I also love "Peel Me a Grape".

Nancy LaMott was an awesome performer of these old standards. Frank Sinatra, a few years before he died, had said she was the best he's heard in a long time. She died of Uterine cancer too early in life-only 43 but Her Cds are great.
I also love Eva Cassidy, but she too has passed. She had a way of taking the old standards and jazzing them up - love that!

Who are some of your favorites?