Sunday, September 24, 2006

Adoption babble

I know so many adopted people and so many people who have adopted. But I only know two biomoms who have relinquished a child.

My cousin and I have both found our biomoms....she is very close to hers. She was 14 when she got pregnant and her family sent her away and then she had to "pretend" she was never pregnant after she relinquished. My biomom was 21 and her mother said you "give that baby away or you are on your own". Neither had a choice. None of my other adopted friends (25 to 45) have any desire to find any bios....weird, you'd think they would at least be curious.

My friends who have adopted have foreign or semi-open adoptions. There are a few friends who have adopted multiculturally from foster care --- they are extra precious and sweet. My friend i grew up with had a brother and sister from Korea....I remember, as a child, when they joined my "second family" was so cool and felt totally natural,normal, never thought anything about them being different from us.

It's strange how much adoption has touched our lives - what could be the reason? I meet so many people and they don't know anyone who is adopted or has adopted....weird that we know so many.


Rose said...

My son has told me that he has met a lot of male adoptees and they ask him how he can NOT hate me for giving him up. He tells them that I have his love, admiration and respect for doing something that was the hardest thing I ever had to do, especially for a teenager. I love Duane and never stopped loving him....the fact that we are in reunion has filled a void in my life that has been there for 32 years.

Rose said...

Thanks for your comment P, I will seriously think about doing that too.

About your post, I do think being taken from one family and placed with another would naturally have a deep effect on a person. A mother not being able to see and know her child is also a big thing.
Of course it would effect people deeply, adoption. We all process it differently. Even those who adopt feel it deeply I am sure.