Saturday, November 24, 2007

None are So Blind as Those That Will Not See
Part 1

I was reading a blog recently that was written by a woman who is claiming that babies that are adopted and that have not have colic at all, they are crying for their birthmothers.

Well, if they look beyond the nose on their face and think about that.... it is preposterous.
How do you explain all the babies that are not relinquished with colic and all the babies who are adopted who do not? There are a lot of babies with colic....plain and simple. My daughter only cried when she was hungry or tired. She never went on and on (oh how I felt sorry for friends with colicky babies) . If what they say is true... why didn't she grieve? Did SHE not miss her birthmother?

Please......colic is grief? that is really reaching.
I think those who believe that need to get a grip on reality....they want to believe these things...they have convinced themselves it's true. They also need to read about the development of the brain and what babies can really grasp....
Come on.....


Mich said...

Ok, that is hilariously stupid. So that means my best friend's kids are colicky because they want to be somewhere else?? MAM wasn't colicky because she wasn't grieving her birthmom?? It floors me what some people come up with...and say/type OUTLOUD!!!!

MomEtc. said...

Hmmmm.....I had colic. Not adopted tho!

People will come up with anything when they are desperate to believe something.

Stephanie said...

My oldest son screamed his lungs out for around 5 hours each evening for the first 3-4 months of his life. He wasn't missing his birthmom cause I was right there walking the floors with him.
Saw the post too and had a good laugh out of it!