Tuesday, November 27, 2007

None Are So Blind As Those Who Will Not See
Part Three

God Doesn't Believe in Adoption

This, I think, May be the funniest of them all. The notion that God doesn't like adoption is one that is actually out there and believed by this odd fringe of anti-adoption people. I guess it makes them feel better? I guess God would rather have children aborted? Dead?

I could go on and on - they have an excuse about Moses being only a "foster child" (chuckle) and they will quote you Deuteronomy -- you should not "covet" anything of your neighbors....(that's about lusting after your neighbors wife and wanting his possessions)....there is nothing said about children - children were not really looked upon like that until they were a little older - so many children died young. People were supposed to take "care" of widows and orphans. If you are abandoned by your parents are you an orphan? If you don;t have parents that take care of you....as a child you cannot take care of yourself....I call that an "orphan".

So we are all bad non-Christians for adopting...it's all very funny to me....


Mich said...

Seriously, where do you get this stuff?? Ignorance is really frustrating, isn't it?!?! I guess these are the same people who think that if you are infertile, that was God's will and you shouldn't be parenting in the first place!!!

clwarfel said...

Another thing that strikes me as odd, is when the anti-adoption folks ask the question "Is the child a real orphan" and because there is a living biological parent somewhere (though not parenting and caring for the child), then they ask why people are not adopting older children in foster care. Umm...most of the children in foster care are not "true orphans" either, so why can one child be deserving of a family while another is not when the "true orphan" status is the same? Their arguements have so many holes it is funny if they were not so blind to even see them.

MomEtc. said...

Apparently, babies don't want to be born into this awful world either....so THAT'S why some of us are infertile. At least this is true if you believe what you read on a certain blog I peruse every so often.

I guess my infertility had nothing to do with my body being ravaged by disease then. LOL!

reedster said...

In my experience, most of the God-adoption stuff has simply been anti-God. God is love. Adoption is love.

Of course, there is more to adoption, just as there is more to God. Still, I am so overwhelmed by the love that I feel for my son, it defies all words and defies all of my predictions.

Sadly, there are a ton of folks in this anti-adoption blogosphere who just felt disgust reading my "Adoption is love" comment, above.

And, I just feel so sad for those people.