Thursday, February 07, 2008

I love this site... It puts faces on adoption. It shines a positive light into the dark places of a world that does not understand adoption or has a skewed view.

Did you know...?
Nearly 40% of adult Americans have seriously considered adopting a child at some point.

Their goal is as follows:
Adoption: An American Revolution will show how adoption affects all of us in America today.
Nearly 100 million Americans — one-third of our population — have had their own families re-shaped by adoption. Even so, adoptive families and birth parents still suffer from widespread and damaging myths and prejudices; thoughtful, realistic portrayals of adoption in the media are rare. Adoption: An American Revolution will promote greater understanding of adoption's unique role in embracing social differences and diversity in America today.

The project will help develop and support our understanding of a new, more expansive definition of "family."

The project will help viewers understand the many ways adoption is changing American families and communities. It will demonstrate how adoption contributes complexity, a respect for differences, and a reminder that we can always make space in our hearts for others.

Through intimate stories and expert testimony, the project will reveal adoption as a complex and deeply personal experience.

Adoption is filled with powerful emotional truths: love and grief, personal bonds relinquished and others created. The Adoption project will explore these experiences in interviews with adoptive and birth parents and extended families, with adopted children and adults, and adoption professionals and experts.

Even now, the portrayal of adoption in the media is filled with negative stereotypes and images. Audiences are shown "Who's Your Daddy" and told this is the story of adoption.
The true story of adoption still needs to be told, with passion, depth and honesty. This is why we want to bring our adoption film, Adoption: An American Revolution to public television. But we can only do it with your help.

WGBH has secured partial funding from the CPB/PBS Program Challenge Fund but they still need your help. If you can donate, please do. The people who know adoption has changed their lives for the better need to stand up and refute all the bad reports out give if you can.
At the least pray for them and their efforts....sounds like a great project!

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THanks, I am going to have to check out this site. :) Julie