Monday, February 11, 2008


People who know me know I am a bit hypersensative about germs. Especially after my MRSA episode. Even though I know germs and bacteria are everywhere I am freaked out every time I read one of those articles about where germs lurk. Web MD is the great but they are the worst at spreading the germ news:

Top 12 worst places for germs and bacteria:--I guess in order
1.The Kitchen sink
2. Airplane bathrooms
3. A load of wet laundry (read this one for sure - it's gross)
4. PUblic drinking fountains
5. Grocery cart handles
6. ATM buttons
7. Your purse (this one freaks me out almost the most)
8. playgrounds
9. Mats and exercise equipment
10. Your bathtub (bad for post MRSA fears)
11. Your office phone
12. Hotel room remote

Go HERE to read about each one.....

I travel and stay at hotels....and I know people who work for/have worked for hotels.
When I walk into a hotel room (no matter how nice it is), the first thing I do is flush the toilet, use paper to lift the seat to see how clean the rim is. Then I turn on the TV...if one of those things are not satisfactory, I call to get another room. If those things are okay, I rip the bedspread off (turning it onto itself) and put it in the corner of the room. I tear off the blanket too - you know the blankets are not washed regularly and the bedspreads are rarely washed (if ever). Then I turn back the sheet to look between it and the fitted sheet. I call the desk and ask for another blanket and extra towels. They are forced to bring me a washed blanket....
I always keep a zip lock baggy in my suitcase.... I put the remote in it and operate the remote through the baggy. When they bring the extra towels I cover the chair in the room with towels....I can either sit it it or put my luggage in it. And I always bring my own pillow......who knows what they have done with that pillow or who has put their head (or whatever else on it).
THEN I can relax.......

Oh, never use the glass or coffee mug or coffee maker they provide......never.


Lori said...


Good advice...I'll have to remember it.

Michelle said...

of course, I would read this two days before I am headed to a hotel for four days! Helpful, but it's skeeved me out!!!