Monday, February 18, 2008

A Tough Case

This young woman made some bad decisions....she relinquished her rights and lied under oath that she was raped and the father was a friend of a friend. In actuality she lived with the father and he was in jail at the time of the child's birth for abusing her. The judge had no choice but to side with the adopted parents.

This, I'm sure, is one of those cases the judge doesn't want to ever have to decide....but the girl legally signed away her far as the law is concerned, she is not the legal mother anymore.

It shows you that making a decision to do something can change your life. I had a friend who made the decision to jump into a car with a friend who decided to run into a gas station and rob them. It was not my friend's idea but he went to jail anyway.

A girl could have a baby and let a guy live with her that abuses that baby...she may make the decision to leave that baby with the guy while she goes out---- the guy could shake the baby and cause his/her death. It's a tragedy, a very bad decision that cannot be changed. You can't go back and "re-do" some things, even though you want to....

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