Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My friend K reminds me of all the things i hate. Can i really hate that much???? I wonder about myself when i see these lists. Are there more things i hate and haven't listed?------------------- OF COURSE! I just wonder if i'm spoiled or a bad person because of my feelings for these things? I don't hate people really - it's just their behaviors like drunkiness, homeosexuality, lude behavior, dishonesty, ugliness, immorality.....etc.

I can't believe i didn't think about this sooner
handling money (not the actual spending), It's so dirty
dirty socks & underwear - mine or anyone elses
people filing their nails in ear shot
people picking their nose
people picking their toenails
People talking at movies
People sticking Q-tips or anything in their ears...
People slurping their beverage
People putting htie makup on while driving
People driving like a loon while on their phone (sensible phone-talker drivers ok)
Hershey's messing with their chocolate (like adding fruit - eww)
Sleazy comedians
bad/cheesy/ unfunny comedians
mimes (close to #1)
clowns with frowns (oxi moron)
club soda
thong underwear
raw seafood
tonic water
Medota Springs
front latch bras
any color bra but black, white and beige
leopard print anything
phone books
drumming fingers
bouncing legs
sports bras
greek salad
Budda statues
exchanging clothes with a bunch of skinny people

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