Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Few Things People May or May/Not Know About Me

-I have a degree in Art (a minor in abstract sculpture)
-I have a lot of "food rules": (here's a few)
I don't like my foods to touch each other on the plate
I don't like any fruit with anything else (especially dairy)
Nothing sweet can touch anything that isn't sweet...
-I like to wear tight clothing (like hose and turtlenecks)
-I have a pretty high IQ but don't feel that smart
-I'm a curly girl who hates my hair
-I love getting dressed up, Halloween was my favorite holiday growing up and one of my favorite gifts was a wig (that's another post). Now I get to do that a lot when I do dinner theater....and I get to make up my own characters.
-I like to learn a few words in a lot of languages so I could at least say hello to anyone
-I wanted to be a ventriloquist when I was young and stood in front of a mirror practicing talking and singing with my lips not moving.
-I have a master's degree but don't feel like it's gotten me anywhere I couldn't have gone without it
-I had a heat stroke in 1991
-I don't sweat
-I have scoleosis, a tremor on my right side and a bunion but am pretty healthy besides that
-I am PETRIFIED of getting cancer and am a little over the edge about it (in my head).
-I thought I would die before I got married and walking down the isle I kept thinking I could still drop dead in the isle....1/2 joking to myself, 1/2 serious
-I really don't like shopping, talking on the phone or shoes (I am a disgrace to the female race)
-I dream about losing my teeth
-I LOVE the news and can watch it all day
-I love foreign films, ethnic food and other cutures
- I secretly think I have a serious chance to win the lottery
-I love filling out forms about myself (even at the doctor's office)
-I like reality shows
-I work with old people but fear getting old
-I cannot stand liars, cheats, people who are one way in public and different at home, people who are mean to other people, people who are slow to forgive, moodiness
-I HATE coffee, to me it smells like acid
-I cannot stand the smell of most buttered popcorn, it smells like rotting meat
-Anything that is supposed to smell like grapefruit smells like old sweat to me
-I lose my voice once a year
-It hurts me to be too hot or too cold
-I love oldies and know 100s of songs from the 20s 30s and 40s (this includes most songs from musicals from the 20s through the 50s)
-I HATE cats (in the late 80s my brother's cat bit me in the back of my leg and I had to pry it's jaws off so it would let go---then it swelled up for a few days)
-I hate doing laundry but I secretly like to match socks (like a game i guess)
- I love liver and onions, brussle sprouts, pickled herring, sardines and other things people usually hate
-I NEVER want to skydive or bungy jump-i'll leave that for those who have adrenaline


LeRoy Dissing said...

Very interesting list Petunia! Smart but humble, perhaps a little black and white with some things, but I am also thinking creative too (thus the art major - I tend to equate art with the abstract and being creative); a bit eccentric and a loner as artist tend to be too :); the liver/onions thing was interesting (once a year is about all I can handle of that); you like safe diversity; the food rules are very interesting - very picky :))

I am guessing most of your life is wound pretty "tight". In other words, things have to be a certain way for you to be comfortable. One thing I like is that you know what you want and can articulate that. Some people I know think another should just know by osmosis.

No after effects from the heat stroke? I know most women don't sweat - they perspire but it takes a lot to get to that point!

You would be an interesting person to meet!

Mom2One said...

Well, I hate talking on the phone too, so in that respect, I'm not so girly ;) .

Also, I could really use your help in matching my socks. I was pretty much -- OK, I WAS -- collecting a fair amount of "fun socks" but it got to be too much to match them so I gave up on that and now just match the background color. People really don't seem to notice either. The other week I had one vegetables sock and one flowers sock but they were both light green backgrounds.

You sound like an interesting person to me. And hey, you can have my helpings of all of those gross foods. Give me the grapefruit!

Once I lost my voice for THREE WEEKS! It was pure torture!

Thanks for sharing this. How fun!

LeRoy Dissing said...

I can never find my socks. Is that just a "guy thing'? said...

I practised not moving my lips too in case I was going to be a ventriloquist. Did you move your hand as part of the practise too, pretending your hand was the puppet?

petunia said...

kim, it's funny that you should ask the question about the hand moving for the puppet becuase when I wrote that it was the first time I thought about how I didn't so that - maybe I was waiting until I had the lip thing down first...i can't remember.

And Leroy, I am pretty particular about certain things but I'm pretty laid back on most things in my like. I am not a clean freak for sure but I HATE I guess I'm full of contadictions.

LeRoy Dissing said...

Petunia...Don't feel alone in your contradictions. We all have them. Some are more surface while others are deeper. You sound pretty normal to me - at least from my perspective of normal :)