Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I wasn't aborted

I could have been aborted, my biomom could not keep me and her family was not happy. She could have easily made me just go away. She didn't...it's one reason why I thank her.

My daughter could have been aborted. They could not afford her, emotionally, physically or monitarily, it would have been easy to go somewhere (especially in this day and age) and quietly get rid of the pregnancy. She didn't do that and how can I ever be thankful enough? My daughter is the light of my life.

So no one can tell me that people have a choice to kill. Where do we draw the line? Why is 8 weeks gestation, even 24 weeks, not life and 37 weeks is? Where in there did life miraculously begin? At what moment is it killing a baby and not tissue? I am tissue, I am life.

-50 million babies aborted every year
-In the US 3700 abortions a day
-For evey 100 babies born there are 31 aborted
-46% of woman that have an abortion have more than one
-Methods of abortions:
......babies are suctioned out of the womb with a powerful vaccuum
......burned with a powerful saline solution, baby dies and mother delivers 30-36 hours later
......Chemical is given to the mother starving the baby of nutrients and it dies
......After dilating the cervix a hook shaped knife is inserted to cut the baby into pieces and the pieces are suctioned out
......Of course the worst of all....the baby is pulled out feet first, head left in the birth canal (so it's not really "delivered" and a hole is poked into the skull so the brains can be suctioned out.

I think instead of talking about a woman's choice and her body we should concentrate for a moment on what happens to a babies body through the whole process of abortion. We have trivialized it and made it seem like a simple medical procedure. I could have been one of these babies.........I choose life.

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DramaQueen said...

Harper Magazine did a great article on what specifically happens in late term abortions. They are a liberal magazine, so I was very thrilled to see such a frank look at how abortions are done with photos. Really scares you to think how that is legal, when so many of us are waiting to adopt and would gladly take any of those babies. I highly recommend the article, you'll have to search for it because I don't remember the exact issue, sometime in 05 I would say.