Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Feburary 1st ---FRANCE????
1 out of 3 people smoke in France! I cannot imagine them making it smoke free!

February 1st-- workplaces, schools and hospitals will have a ban on smoking in France. Smokers will face fines of 68 euros (88 dollars) for lighting up in the wrong place, while business owners will be fined 135 euros.

Companies can choose to provide hermetically-sealed smoking rooms, with powerful extractor fans, but few are expected to install the costly systems, preferring to let staff puff away on the pavement and offer them advice on how to quit.

The rare exceptions to the new rules are places considered as "substitutes for the home" -- such as hotels or retirement homes.

The government has also said it will be lenient towards hospital patients with mental illnesses, who would not understand a sudden ban, or those already struggling to give up alcohol or drug addiction.

Then on February 1st 2008 the Cafe and Bar crowd will have to give up the smoking as well. Although some are already doing it. One cafe owner said that he has always been smoke-free and pregnant women and women with children are his main customers because they prefer their children not to breath in the smoke.

Other Countries who are smoke free:
Ireland, Italy, England, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Uganda, Malta, Uruguay, and Bhutan

In the US:
1) California: Restaurants, Bars
2) Connecticut: Restaurants, Bars
3) Delaware: Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars
4) Florida: Workplaces, Restaurants
5) Idaho: Restaurants
6) Maine: Restaurants, Bars
7) Mass.: Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars
8) Montana: Workplaces, Restaurants (Bars 10/1/09)
9) New York: Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars
10) North Dakota: Workplaces
11) Rhode Island: Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars
12) South Dakota: Workplaces
13) Vermont: Restaurants, Bars
14) Washington: Workplaces, Restaurants, Bars

New State Laws effective in 2006*:

15) New Jersey: Workplaces, Restaurants, and Bars (4/15/06)
16) Utah: Restaurants, new law covers Workplaces (7/1/06) and Bars (1/1/2009)
17) Colorado: Restaurants, Bars (6/1/06)

*Washington D.C.'s smokefree law will take effect in 2007


kim.kim said...

Not here, even my scarf stinks of smoke from tonight and it was stuffed behind the piano.

TeamWinks said...

Alabama won't go down without some serious kickin' and screamin'! It will be an interesting day.