Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Have My Own Opinions!

I am conservative, I am outspoken, I have my own opinions. This does NOT make me a target for ridicule. It makes me human.

I have feelings, feelings about adoption; my own and my daughter's. What I feel, what I believe is not wrong and is also not fodder for ridicule. There is love, and as long as there is so much love who is to say I am wrong?

We have our own experiences, we have our own feelings....I cannot say anyone is wrong about how they feel - because they feel it. Why am I not entitled to the same if my opinion differs from yours?


kim.kim said...

Some of your comments are very hurtful and I think people responded to that.

I still like you and have you on my links list, I don't always like what you say though but I like you.

Third Mom said...

Everyone's opinion deserves respect, Petunia, but I think the internet and the anonymity that comes with it makes it possible for people to disagree more loudly than they would face-to-face.

I appreciate that you speak your mind, because it's the different perspectives that keep us thinking. Thank you.

LeRoy Dissing said...

Petunia...we may not agree on many things and thats okay because I think there is strength in diversity of opinion. I agree with both Kim.kim and third mom. Sharing one's feelings/opinions is healthy. You have a right to them and they have a right to yours. No one has the right to force their will/opinion on another. We can agree to disagree though :) and still walk together as friends. I truly think your best friends are those you can disagree with and still be friends when the day is done.

TeamWinks said...

Thank you for stopping over at my blog. I've never visited here, but planon coming back. My eyes hurt from reading some of your archives. There's quite a lot there!