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Mickey Mouse wasn't GAY

When I was 6 I wanted to be there with Robin Hood, the fox, in the forest. When I was 8 I wanted was to tool around town in Herbie the Love Bug. When I was 10 all I wanted to do was go to the jungle and live with Baloo. . .I remember watching Disney's Wonderful World of Color with my family all crowded around. What great memories!
When Walt Disney died - Disney went with him - slowly but surely....there are no more sweet moral stories. There is only political agenda and "left wingism"......Gay Days at Disney world??? - COME ON----Walt is spinning in his grave!!!

You think The "Gay Agenda" hasn't "seeped" into Disney? It's FLOODED ..... (for those of you unfamiliar with the term "Gay Agenda" - the gay activists said a long time ago that they would invade the schools and get to the kids so that people would think it was okay to be gay and embrace the lifestyle - you can read more articles by linking to it)

I found this quote from a fellow blogger :
In the Lion King - Scar, Timmon and Pumba were all supposed to be homosexual
characters. While they didn't engage in any open acts, the actor who did
Timmon's voice stated flatly in an interview that the characters were "the first
animated homosexual couple".

A few other points of interest:--

--The exchange between Simba and Scaralso had a point:
Simba: "You're wierd, Uncle Scar."
Scar: "You havenoidea."
The emphasis used by Scar made it evident there was more tothestatement
than was on the surface. The voice of Scar was very (how do you say it?), Gay ...ish? anyway, the voice said it all.
--Timmon's statement: "What do you want us to do? Dress in drag and do the
--Elton John, Rosie O'Donnell and quite a fewother prominant homosexuals
have been featured in Disney films.
--I've read interviews in which Disney insiders have stated that probably
50% of the creative staff is homosexual.....what's that all about?
I realize Walt wasn't without fault. He was "NewAge" when New Age wasn't
cool. The popular support of the animal rights movement and anti-fur movement
can be traced to Bambi and 101 Dalmations.
Yeah, they were great movies, but they were also propaganda pieces.

I loved many of the old Disney cartoons, and some of the new ones, also, (I
don't think they've made a decent cartoon since Lion King, except the ToyStory
ones that were actually made by Pixar), butt here's still a lot oftalent there
if they'd quit pushing an agenda and make some decent movies.

You know what is really sad? There was a time when Hollywood was admired. Movies promoted the American lifestyle, heros deserved to be heros, there was plenty of good clean fun. Look at what it's devolved into these past 20 sad.

Found an article of very interesting information - here's a portion: what's going on over there???

According to a Los Angeles-based, well-respected magazine, and confirmed
by Disney’s own powerful homosexual union (LEAGUE -- Lesbian and Gay United
Employees), forty percent of Disney’s 63,000 employees are gay.

“The happiest place on earth may also be one of the gayest,” the magazine says.
“There are hordes of gay and lesbian people at Disney,” says Garrett Hicks,
an openly homosexual employee there.

According to the magazine there are homosexuals and lesbians at virtually every level at Disney, from production vice-presidents and supervising animators, to television production heads and feature animation vice-presidents.
Because of this gay persuasion by decision-makers, there seems to be the seepage of a homosexual agenda in some of Disney’s entertainment offerings, as well as an opportunity to normalize sexually perverted behavior in the minds of the nation’s

In “Disney: A Mouse Betrayed”, the author is not giving opinion but gives you pure journalism. In preparation for their book, they interviewed hundreds of former and current Disney employees. They talked extensively with law enforcement personnel. They studied hundreds of documents (many of which are reprinted in their book). They adamantly declare that they do not cite anonymous sources; those who supplied the testimony for this dynamic production were all willing to go “on the record.”

Disney’s ABC Network has presented, Two Mothers for Zachary, a movie sympathetic to lesbians. ABC also produced the infamous, though now defunct (thankfully!) sit-com, Ellen, which featured a real lesbian as the leading character, portraying a lesbian. The Disney Children’s Book Division has published a book, Growing Up Gay, which is designed to support “gay youngsters who were bred by heterosexuals.”

Disney also owns one of the largest soft-porn distributors in the country. The conglomerate has exclusive deals with some of the most prominent pornographic stars of cinematic sewage.

This is a long post about all this but to be quite honest - I'm angry. I'm angry that children cannot enjoy Dinsney the way I did. This ain't Bambi baby! All this homosexual agenda and political activism in children's movies are ruining our children. What happen the the good whole some sweet entertainment? Now it's just to brainwash the little ones.....
I want to have the old Disney back ----but i guess those days are long gone!

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