Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thank you to LARABAR!!

These things are incredible!!!

A few weeks ago i read something about Larabar and it peeked my interest....i wanted SO bad to buy some but First - i didn't know where they were sold in my city and SECOND - I tried to resist the "buy anything new" urge that always comes upon me ----it IS a sickness.

Well, a free box of them arrived yesterday at work......along with a free T-shirt. I ripped into one as soon as i opened the box and they are freakishly delicious. You think that you are going to bite into one of those power bars that are just so............blaaaa. But OH MY---these things are so good! The Cherry pie tasted like Cherry pie, the Banana cookie like Banana cookie, the snozberries taste like snozberries Mr. Wonka! (side note: I always wanted lickable wallpaper).

Not only are they delicious but......they are actually good for you and won't clog up your artieries! All my co-workers were suprised to read on the box:

Uncooked (Raw),Unprocessed,No Added Sugar,Non-GMO,Gluten Free,Dairy Free,Soy Free, Vegan,Kosher,Between 2 and 6 ingredients,Good Fats (Omega 3 and 6),High Fiber and Good Carbs.,Vitamins and minerals from 100% whole foods

Apple Pie
Banana Cookie Dough
Cashew Cookie
Cherry Pie
Chocolate Coconut Chew
Cocoa Mole
Ginger Snap
Pecan Pie

They were all great except for the cocoa mole - it's not aweful but interesting. It's got a little chili powder or something in it -it has a little bite. if you like the Mole sauce in Mexico - you'll like it---it really does taste like that!

Thank you again to the people at LARABAR ----the bars sell themselves once you taste them - what a great marketing tool ----- you have a few new customers too (my co-workers all wanted a taste). The T-shirt is also very cute and looks great on me....I wore it last night and a neighbor asked me about it............I'm a walking i have to find out where I can buy the bars here!


cloudscome said...

what is this!!!??? Larabar??? GLUTEN FREE??? I am so excited! I want to try this! Sign me up!!

cloudscome said...

How did you get a free box and T-shirt? I am Celiac so I need GF snacks so bad!!! I am always hungry. I went to their site but didn't see any links for free samples. They sound fantastic! I am going to Tradder Joes today to look for them.

petunia said...

I wrote about it and the marketing guy contacted me - they are quite yummy!