Saturday, March 04, 2006

A little adoption background

I think my adoption was similar to other people's but when i went to find my biomom it took a long time. The investigator took $500 and then would look until she found her. This woman was an adoptee herself and wound up being an investigator because of all the knowledge and contacts she aquired from her own search. I had to call periodically and remind her about me. She did the investigating on the side and worked on it when she after 2 years i called one day and a light went on over her head---she found a name within 10 minutes-----why didn't she do that two years ago?? After that it was quick to come up with a few people with that name who fit the desciption on their driver's license) from my non-Identifying information.

I called only a few numbers (with a phony story) until i figured out which person it was. I looked up where she lived and drove by with a friend (it was only 45 minutes away). I wrote a letter to mail but decided to call, indentify myself and read the letter to her. I knew I would be blank and very emotional. I looked up all i could about her and found out she was married and had two daughters in highschool. I made sure i called when the girls were in school.

I asked her if her name was ******** ******** and she said she was. I was shaking - i think she was too.......I asked if she gave up a child for adoption in the year i was born. I could hear her crying but she did say "yes". "Well, i think i'm that child" i said....and we both started crying. I guess it was a cullmination of all the thoughts and feelings i had about the whole thing. We talked for an hour.....what do you say? "So, how've you been?", "What have you been up to?" But I don't remember what we talked about and i mailed that letter to her and she accidentally threw it away - i didn't keep a copy! Dumb

It's a small world though. Her daughter (my 1/2 sister) performs and I had seen her perform on a number of occasions for years before i knew them- and i remember seeing her (she has a distinct look).

My biodad lived only a 3-5 minute drive from my's that for weird? Well, his kids went to highschool near my house and they used to drive right in front of my house. I'll go one more..............his son was best friends with a friend of ours from church and had come to church with him. He sat three rows ahead of us and I had no idea who he's that for small world???
We shop at the same stores and eat at the same restaurants - I'm sure we had been in the same place at the same time before we ever met eachother......too weird!

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