Monday, February 27, 2006

Slavery Wasn't Wrong Then.....

We can look back now and we are amazed that anyone ever thought slavery was okay here in the United States. It's amazing that anyone thinks it's okay anywhere in the world - but some people still see no problem with "owning" another human being.....incredible. So many people thought it was okay to have slaves that this country fought a civil war and 258,000 soldiers died trying to preserve the right to own them. There was the other side as well and 360,000 soldiers died trying to abolish slavery. The coferderate soldiers and their families were not bad people, they weren't all abusers and most probably even went to church----but they were wrong. They had been told by their community and society that it was okay, it was a big business and many didn't want it to end simply because they made a lot of money from kidnapping, to transporting to selling and all the way down to the work they performed - for free.

Why do I write this? Well, I have been thinking more and more about abortion. The right to abortion reminds me of the right to own slaves. There are people on both sides. Some see it as murder and some think it's perfectly alright. Everyone is making so much money from the practice of abortion - all the way down to the protester's signs and bumper stickers. Of course the medical profession is making the most money and the government takes their cut of taxes from why should it be stopped? It even trickles down to the socio-economic advantages of not increasing the population even more.

We won't have a civil war over this and no one will get killed (accept the millions of babies that still lose their lives). There are wars of words however, war in politics and war on the news about protests and such. I know there are no better solutions for some people - they claim it's better for the babies to be gone than to live in poverty or with a bad mother.....that's like saying "the slaves were better off here than starving in their native land - they got fed didn't they?"

I guess we could also compare it to the holocaust - abortion is the 20th and 21st century holocaust. The german people ignored it all, some were afraid to say anything, some didn't want to know about it - that way it was easy to ignore - someone else's problem. The nazi party had medical professionals too that knew how to get "rid" of unwanted human beings. Eleven million people were "exterminated".... Now we look back horrified....

A million shoes left behind by victims of the holocaust

I know people look at abortion like it's okay - society, the law - all telling us it's okay to "choose" to have an abortion. One day people will look back on this time like we look back on slavery and extermination of the Jews during the holocuast.....they will be amazed that so many people thought it was okay. That so many people remained silent for so long all because of selfishness and the almighty dollar......that's what it boils down to. They will show pictures of ripped apart body parts, little severed arms and legs in a medical bag - ready to be thrown in the dump.

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Kim said...

That's how people will see adoption one day too.