Monday, February 20, 2006

The weekend gallbladder blues
The weekend just kept getting better - i had finished my blog entry and WHAM - i felt better. At exactly the time i was supposed to be at her house - weird. I know it wasn't anxiety, i've had that too many times before. It was a gallbladder attack. I've looked it all up on the internet - i have the classic symptoms and have been having them for years - just ignoring them.

I felt better - not %100 better but good enough to clean up the house and start the food for my evening guests. I had already called my friend and told her i would be laying in bed that night and my husband would have to entertain. That's not difficult when it's two woman - one in her 50s the other in her 90s. I man in his 70s and a Brother (like a male nun) who's in his 60s and SO interested in a real meal. But, as it were, i was okay. I seared the chuck roast on all sides and put it in the pan with lipton onion soup mix all over it and 3-4 cups of water. I set the temp. at 200 degrees and put it in at 11am. I thought for sure the meat would cook good and long all day and would fall apart by 6pm. The first guests arrived at 4 - they were not supposed to be there until 5 so my husband was in the shower with his clothes all over the lower level (in his usual flare). I hadn't started the appetizer or gotten some things out - ARG! I yelled at her and i didn't know her date.....

We had a lovely time but at 5:30 when i went to add the already cooked vegetables, the meat wasn't near done - OH MY GOODNESS - it had been cooking since 11am!!! I added the veggies and turned the temp up to 375 degrees---by 6:30 i was ready to serve it but it was the CHEWIEST meat i had ever had and the guests were all old! The poor ninty year old cut it up in such small pieces and pushed it around her plate the whole dinner. Everything else was good - but HOW EMRARASSING!

I talked to the biomom this morning and she said her mom had her gallbladder out in her 70s - she had hers out in her 50's and now (guess what?) I'll probably have to have it out in my 30s. Her attack came in the middle of the night and between her shoulder blades - after eating cabbage....freaky huh? Well i thanked her for my gallbladder and my bad knees....laughed and said she was glad she could give me something to remember her by. I told her i do think of her everytime i stand up from a squat and have to rub my knees.

What a legacy.........

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