Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Anyone that knows me, knows i like to try anything that is new (preferable it has to have "new" written somewhere on the package in colorful letters). Advertising people know what that does to people like me ---i see it and I'm SO upset I might miss something wonderful that I buy it. My dear husband laughs at me....he doesn't understand.

For years I have been interested in healthy foods but i have come across too many so called "healthy" foods to know that most of them will not taste good. However, if it is new and untried by me, or especially if it has "new" on the lable I will most likely have to try it. I resist this as much as possible....usually for me if it says "all natural", "raw foods" or is sold at a healthfood store, it probably won't taste good. The only reason i write all this is i came across a blog talking about Larabars. That feeling came over me and i wanted to order some because they are new and they are "healthy". I still can't figure out what they really are but i had to look up their website, read all about it and i caught myself in the middle of calling a local heathfood store to see if they carry them.......what is wrong with me?? Am i obsessed with new foods? I think i might have a problem......"I will NOT buy these bars, I will NOT buy these bars....."


Anonymous said...

But you will try these bars! Why? Because I work with the folks at Larabar, and we want to send you samples and a t-shirt. Write to me at lewis@larabar.com

kime said...

HEY!!! I want a Larabar too!!!