Friday, February 24, 2006

The Queen of Everything

There are people who feel important because of their jobs or their money or their popularity. I feel important because of my parents. My mom and dad always treated me like a princess, the most important things in their life - Like "The Queen of Everything". My friend K reminded me of that today. I was royalty in my house. When i was really little my two older brothers even treated me like I was something special. My first word was my oldest brothers name because he wanted to wait on me hand and foot. Shoot, i didn't walk until i was 18 months old because I was carried everywhere. Why should i learn to walk? I picture it now like The Queen of Sheeba in one of those covered things carried by slave boys.....ahhhhh, where are all my slaveboys now?

It started off as a discussion about fear - kids don't have enough reverant fear today. I was afraid to do bad things growing up. I was afraid to talk back to teachers or disobey my parents. They never did anything to show me they would be mean or punishing if i did do somthing bad - i just had a reverant fear of doing the wrong thing. I said i did not do things to please my parents but I never thought about it because everything i did pleased my parents and I suppose i liked that so i continued to please. I guess that's the way it should be..........

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kime said...

What a charming childhood. I cannot wait until you pass that legacy on. I wish you could pass some of that on to me. I was only seen as a royal pain in the butt!!!
Hey, by the way...I was thinking of starting a blog. I will call it "The stupid Stuff I Say!" What do ya think???