Saturday, February 18, 2006

My bio-Gallbladder???

Last night I had a flat tire. I could see my street from where i sat on a two lane on ramp---there was NO WAY anyone was changing this tire (rear driver's side) on this ramp! It was flat too, not low - FLAT. I called T and whined and he told me to call an auto body shop by our house. "Call information and ask the auto body guy to come". The man there almost laughed at me. I said "but I can see your sign from here - couldn't someone come??? No, he didn't have the equiptment---an auto body store didn't have the equiptment to change a tire.....huh?????

So we had to call for a tow truck. When i told the woman I could see my street and i was only about 500-600 yards from the house she told me we could get a discount. It would be $80 instead of $87.95----spare me the kindness!!! The man was old, gnarled and very sweet. I was just anxious top get home since it was 13 degrees. T showed up just as we got home and he took off the tire ----you know what was in it???? A drill bit - a big fat drill bit! Okay, I have now had a drill bit and a scewdiver through a tire......weird.

Then we turned around and we went to an Irish was okay. We sat down about 8:30 to eat - everyone else was drinking and SMOKING.....yuck. I had corned beef and cabbage. We stayed (Ts work cronies were there) and even played in a radio station promo to make up a toast with the word Guiness in it. The guy at the promo table looked familiar and we established he was at my house when we won the TV, sound-system and dinner for 14 on oscar night a few years back. I thought my toast was the best----"May the road rise up to meet you and the Guiness always be on draft" Okay, I stole the first line from an old Irish blessing - but hey, it stuck with the Irish theme....

We left when we didn't win the $500 (the toast that won was stupid and was about 20 lines long) and we went to the grocery store for tonight's dinner with friends, when all of a sudden about 11:30pm my stomach started to have pain in it-right under my sternum. I felt sort of sick but it was more pain than nausia or anything.
I went home almost doubled over--i've never felt this sort of thing before. Also my shoulder blade had been hurting all day. When i moved that shoulder i would feel sick....i wonder if this is connected??? I went to bed holding a heated rice filled bag. I woke up feeling fine except my mouth tasted aweful from the Pepto Bismal (and my tounge was black). So i got up to go brush my teeth and was doubled over again. It felt terrible but it seemed to ease when i laid down. I drank milk - nothing. I needed to make a decision about going to my biomom's for lunch---exchanging Christmas goodness that scarf won't do her mother much good in the summer!

I called her and apologized profusely but said i was too sick to come- she told me she suffered with gallbladder problems for years like this------yikes, is that what this is? i inherited gallbladder problems??!!!

she was upset but gracious....i hate hurting people's feelings!

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FauxClaud said...

Was it the tip of your left shoulder blade???
Left shoulder blade pain is a diagnostic indicator of internal issues...not to get you freaked out..but it does have to do with gastic issues, infalmaed diaphram, and internal bleeding, etc.
So if the two pains DO keep up..then yes, they are related.