Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Adoptee Subliminal Memories

Getting my bachelor degree and throughout graduate school I was facinated with psychology. I did a few studies and wrote a few papers on learning within the womb. I remember my SIL was pregnant at the time and we tried all the experiments on her. I made her wear head phones on her belly..... and that baby (i am not kidding) sang harmony when we sang Happy Birthday at her first birthday party.

I found studies the French did in the late 70s early 80s about learning in the womb. They had the mother read a story every night, then measured their response after birth with a "Suck-0-meter". (When babies are pleased they suck more). After they were all hooked up - the father read the story the mother had read for months every night. Then a stranger read it, then the mother. They also had those three people read a totally new story. The effects were evident---Mother 1st - the baby recognized the mothers voice. That most people could get. But, what is amazing is the baby liked the stranger reading the same story, it had heard for months, more than the mother reading a different story. So - they say that the child took recognition of a story over the mothers voice. Interesting. The baby learned and remembered in the womb.

These studies caught the attention of more researchers:

Dr. Thomas Verny from Toronto broke the ice in the 80s with publishing "The Secret Life Of The Unborn Baby" He's now published a new book called "Tomorrows Baby" where he claims our first memory is when the egg and sperm meet---i think that's funny.

Dr. David Chamberlain wrote the book "The Mind Of Your Unborn Baby" He has studied about this for 20 years and has published more than 50 papers on the subject.

"According to researchers everything from sitcom theme songs heard throught the mothers belly to arguments during labor are stored away in their brains"

I found a site with some information on it HERE.

All this information is more interesting when thinking about adoption

It's saying to the birthmothers - your babies remember you deep down - they know your voice and they remember all that you went through before their birth. It may be subliminal and deep down but it's there and has an influence on the person they have become.

It's saying to the adoptee that they may have some problems in their lives because of the things your birthmother went through before you were born. Anxiety, deep sadness, anger, etc.....they are things that could negatively affect you now. (And you know they are things that most likely our birthmothers felt more instensly than other pregnant woman before our birth). However, you know there hopefully was joy and happines and laughter too. I think if they had more of the latter you are healthier psychologically now.

It's saying to adopted parents that learning is important --you could ask the birthmother to read a particular book or play music to the child before they are born. That way they know you will also read that book to the baby or play that same music--it may make them feel like they have given their child something they will keep with them forever and a comfort to the adopted mom as they bond with the baby.

I wonder why these studies have not been circulated in the adoption community?

I asked my biomom and she said she was happy most of the time during her pregnancy- spending time with her friends and ignoring the eventual adoption plan. The last three months she was at a maternity home but she still tried to get along with all the other girls and made friends, trying not to think about it. So, she had little anxiety and real sadness until after the birth. Hmmmmm....may be why I'm not sad, bitter, hurt etc. I have very few emotional issues. This is also attributed to my parents - wonderful and encouraging but it's intersting to think about.

So, we already know that drugs, alcohol, smoking and food have an affect on the baby in the womb but now we also know that other things, having to do with the senses, also affect these babies for their whole lives.

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