Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nude, Naked, In the Buff, disrobed, peeled,unclad, unclothed, undressed, uncovered

We all have different views and feelings about nudity, being naked, being undressed (whatever). I, myself, grew up with two brothers and I am SO private. 12 years of infertility you think i could show my hoohoo without being emabrrased but I can't. As the OB chats away asking me how my summer was "please move down toward the end of the table", I try to imagine I am on a beach with a tall glass of something - oh I don't know, maybe a margarita or a what? wider?---oh my goodness, can you die of all the blood rushing to your face? Where was I, oh yes, on the beach with my drink. The waves are rushing into shore and the sun is beating down on my face and I feel, I feel, a cold instrument up inside me - OW! Think hot sun, oils, cabana boys bringing me another drink and, and, oh the urine sample I brought in with me? It's on the table over there.....they turn and go - "see you when you get dressed". What's the feeling when they leave? Relief? I'm not sure, i was just starting to enjoy my margarita.......

Now going to the doctor or getting a mamogram (don't even get me started on that pancake factory) is a little different that just plain being unclothed. I mean, who really has the nessecity to not have any clothes on in public....unless you plan it by going to a nudist camp or go to a nude beach. But I will tell you - there is freedom and a wonderful feeling of not having any clothes on outside. Now before you think bad of me - i will explain:

We went to Florida with my SIL and BIL and their kids. We rented a house "near" the beach over the internet. We should have read the signals and knew it wasn't "on the beach" but we were new to internet renting and didn't know any better. We drove up to the landlord's house and she would let us follow her to the place. When we pulled up to the address not knowing what we would find, we were already pretty ticked off that it was two - three blocks away from the road that you had to cross and about 100 yards of beach to the water. The outside of the place looked hideous! We were so angry getting out of that van - we just knew this was going to be bad, we were ready to not stay there and tell the lady to go take a leap.......when she opened the door onto the most beautifully lanscaped little backyard. It was full of flowers and plants and pretty little peaceful. The house itself, too was quaint, small but so nice. It was a pleasant surprise. The best part about it all though was a large enclosed outdoor shower. At first i was horrified that people would take a shower outside. Surely this was just for rinsing off.....but oh, what a treat. I tell you - those showers were the best i've ever had. The first time i took one I stood there in the buff with the sun shining down on me and i thought this was a slice of heaven! I said outoud "I'm naked and I'm outside!!" laughing to myself, i wondered how sheltered I was. Maybe other people have been naked outside - skinny dipping or whatever....
but for me this was a revelation. Granted, i would never do it again unless i had a shower like that (all enclosed) was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay - more naked-----
I got to thinking about this because I read SO CLOSE 's blog (not one i normally read but just happen to come across it) and it got me thinking.

I don't think I'm as weird about other people's nudity because I had to draw nudes in college. It's funny, because there is a difference----that's why we don't say "I drew naked's" or "i drew naked people". Nude is just a way of saying it wasn't dirty or nasty.

Read all the words in the title again and see what each one of them make you think.....each one is another kind of nudity. The images you get in your head of "unclothed" is very different than the one "naked" evokes. So what about children? I ran around without a shirt on when i was 5 or 6. there's film of all of the family coming back after gonig to the zoo in 103 degrees. We had a hose on outside and my cousin and I just had on a pair of shorts - it was so cute. Lord, you couldn;t do that now - someone would be arrested! I head someone got in trouble for turning in film of their 1 year old naked and standing in the tub-----please! They can show Victoria Secret models that have so little on your don;t even have to use youe imagination but a baby in the tub is not allowed? What about the Discovery channel? I've seen whole families of nude sit because they are natives? that sounds racist....they should ahve their dignity and not be shown on TV right? If we can't see a one year old caucasion baby standing in the tub why is it okay to show a three year old from a far away land running throught the woods with nothing on but what they born with?

Okay, now I'm just babbling............time for sleep.

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