Monday, March 06, 2006

Thank you to the Academy for Brokeback Mountain (or the lack there of)

I jsut wanted to yell a BIG HOOOORAY....................Brokeback Mountain barely won anything at the academy awards. I hope the libral media and Hollywood gets a hint....even the libral "Academy" does not recognize crap for art! Capote was gay but was a real person and that actor nailed him! He deserved the award. STOP making up love stories about gay people - the majority of the country doesn't want to see it!

Okay, now i got that off my chest....


Anonymous said...

I think that any story about love is beautiful. Regardless of gender, and without judgement.

Im appalled that people in this day and age continue to segregate and judge other humans because they are different.

Movies showing the emotional turmoil and battles of two people constantly having to deal with defending their love to me, would only highlight and hopefully reduce the closed mindedness of society that brings so much pain.

All anyone wants is to love and be loved. An adoptee I would think, should understand this explicitly.

petunia said...

While I applaud your politeness in this matter that is, I'm sure, very near and dear to you, I must also politiely disagree.
There are different kinds of love. A Godly love, a friend/family love and an intimate/sexual love. In todays' world these loves have been confused for one another and mixed up in a sort of "candy dish" of pleasure. While I agree that everyone only wants to be loved, I disagree that people should seek that sexual love first. It is empty without the other two properly in their places.
If we used your theory of just letting everyone love whom or what they wish - what would stop Billy Bob from having a sexual relationship with his sister or aunt or his pet pig ? There is a black and white in all this and when men have a sexual love for men or women for women (or they have it for animals or anything else for that matter) It is wrong and out of place.
I love these people but despise the sin that has so easily crept into the beauty of it. There is nothing wrong with two men loving eachother in a brotherly way, sharing confidences etc. But even looking at it scientifically - sex should NOT play a part in the relationship - it doesn't work. People are confused about relationship and intimacy....i just wish people would wake up.

Anonymous said...

We'll just have to agree to disagree here! I love your blog, and from what I read you're a beautiful soul. But this really hurts me, it is close to my heart.

Firstly, I am not gay myself.

Secondly, I am not a religious person.

I believe in different aspects of different religions and I respect everyone's right to choose and believe in their own god, but I don't think that one religion has the right to state how a person should live or love. Some religions condone multiple wives - that may not be morally acceptable in my life, but I don't have the right to choose that for another person. That is their choice. It is their life.

I understand that everyone has the right to their opinion. But it makes me so sad that gay and lesbian people constantly have to defend themselves. For being in love! Gosh, what a sad world when people judge you for love. Really sad.

I dont think the sexuality of gays or lesbians has any confusion. I know that it is completely clear to them, who they are and who they're attracted to.

I have two gay brothers.
I have many gay friends.
If I was to say to them that their love for their partners was wrong - do I really consider the hurt that goes along with that. Do I really have the right to tell someone they can't do this or that, because they dont fit in with my beliefs or they're not the same as what I do?

No, this world is made up of beautiful people, each unique and special in their own ways.

I applaud those who are true to themselves.

petunia said...

I know by my statements you would think I didn't even like gay people but that is very far from the truth. I have counsins and other family who are gay. And eing involved in theater I have many gay friends. They all know how i feel about their lifestyle and we don't talk about that part of their lives. I also have friends who have come out of the lifestyle ( and are happily married - some have chosen to remain single and celibate. I am a Christian but even if you look at it in a strictly scientific way.... homosexual sex does not work. In men the sphincter muscles are meant to push out and do not respond well to things pushing in. Just looking at the "parts" - you can see that men fit with woman. So even if you do not believe in a Christian perspective, you must see that these things are not "scientific" or even healthy. Constant tearing of the anus (anal fissures) can cause infection and illness. The body is set up a certain way.
The brain is a powerful thing and can cause us to behave in all different ways. Sexual feelings are centered in the brain and our response to certain things being a "turn on" is also in the brain. We are taught these responses early on. Look at the tribes in Africa that females don't cover their bodies but their necks or their ankles is what turns the men on...why? this is not genetic. Theya re taught early on that these things are sexual.
I'm sure your family and friends are nice, as are my friends and family. That is not in question. But like OCD, alcoholism, ADHD, depression, compulsive overeating, I believe this is another problem that our society has that needs to be addressed. Pediphles are not usually mean, bad people - they have a disorder that attracts them to children. They need help. Just because the homosexuals think they are in a happy lifestyle doesn't mean that they are okay. We wouldn't think it was okay for a pediphile to live a happy lifestyle with a 12 year old, or let a 450 pound woman eat to her hearts content. I'm sure she feels happy when she eats.

I know we could disagree all day about it. For now I walk along side my friends and love them. I just wish they could find a way to live an even better life.