Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Has anyone ever heard of this place in Knoxville Tennesee? It's a huge plot of ground that they use for research. They leave out bodies in the open to see what effects the environment and insects and wild animals have on them. They can study what heat and exposure does to the flesh so they can solve crimes easier.......but oh my! One of the senior men here want his body donated---but not because it will help anyone, but because it's the cheapest way. All you have to do is arrange transportation of the Body if you don't live within 50 miles of Knoxsville. Kind of sad. I would never want to know that my body was left to rot!
It's been there since the 70's but a woman named Patricia Cornwell wrote a book a few years ago, "Body Farm", and it became very popular. Boy scout leaders were calling to take tours ---ICK. I'm sure it's helpful but.....................eeeewwww. One article talked about studying the bugs cawling in and out of the nostrils and ears.......----GROSS!

**Click HERE for an intersesting article written by Lawrence Osborne from the NY Times (pictures (ick) taken by Sally Mann)

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Miss Litzi said...

Patricia Cornwell has several references to “The Body Farm” in one of her latest books “The Predator”. I agree with you that the entire concept is creepy and thoroughly disgusting. At first I thought “The Body Farm” was a product of Ms. Cornwell’s imagination because it is so macabre. Let’s hope that the scientific knowledge gained there is worthwhile and not just someone’s idea of a grizzly “sideshow” attraction.