Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Could Write a BOOK

I could write one about being happy and being brought up in a good home, being adopted and having a great life but no one would care, no one would read it and It would be a waste of time. I have read all the adoption books and they are scary....I'm sure they are true but the market only calls for and asks for the bad stories----more interesting, just like bad stories on the news.

I have ideas for books..... my friend and I decided to write a book of book titles.....we always come up with really good titles for books.....we're good that way. I have a great idea for a kids book and I have an awesome and original idea for a novel that would make an even better movie----a suspense story - ooooooh i get excited about it. I have a name for my main character and most of the particulars but I need someone to write it you can tell, I'm not much of a writer. How do I find someone to do that? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Miss Litzi said...

Hi Petunia,
If you've got ideas and titles, why not try writing that book yourself. Once you get started, you might be surprised how the ideas and words just start to flow. If you let someone else write for you, it won't be YOUR book anymore. Everyone has to take that first step! Go For It!