Monday, April 17, 2006

I AM ME!!!

In October my loving husband got so excited over a homerun ball that he hugged me and dislocated my collarbone. I wish I could say I was delicate but I am not. I think my hubby is just a little to over enthusiastic about sports and a little too strong for his own good. Why do I bring this up? Well, I have been sick since December. I get better and get sick's frustrating to say the least. Everytime I get sick I wonder what in the heck is wrong with me that I cannot stay healthy. On top of all that, I have a tendency to "throw a rib or two out" when I cough really hard. When i do that, it messes up every other muscle around it and I wind up not being able to move my head or's PAINFULL to say the least! I've been seeing a chiroprator (medically - lol) and he and the other doctor are both body builders....when they pop something back in place - they do it quickly and proficiently---on the first try. Unfortunately though, my Dr. has been "fixing" my rib and then it pops out again. I was starting to wonder. Today he asked another Dr. if he was missing something....I was the rat in the cage - being looked at and observed. I then asked if the collar bone "basball injury" had anythign to do with this...after all, it was swollen all weekend and I was unable to turn my head (GREAT Easter weekend---NOT). Their eyes lit up like little boys seeing a room full of matchbox cars....One started putting me in a vice grip, the other started pulling at me from another direction. If they weren't good Christian boys, I would say they were getting too much of a thrill from this....but WOW did I pop and crack---they put me through the wriger but when they were through with me - I WAS ME AGAIN! I probably could still use some "tweeking" but WOW---anyone says Chiroprators are not for real has NOT been through what I have!

YEAH---I'M ME!!!

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RC said...

You shouldn't let them off so easily because they're Christians.

Snap, Crackle, Pop...Rice Krispies sound like your type of breakfast cereal.

Buy some bubble wrap.

--RC of