Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Seperation of Church and State my Foot

Okay - I want to confess to my ignorance. It's difficult to admit but I did not know something! (Shewww, I'm glad that's out...)

I went to Catholic school, I had a pretty good education and have a fairly high IQ but when you are not taught something, you shouldn't be ashamed you don't know it, right? For some reason I missed out on a few things in school. For example: I only learned the first half (alphabetically) of the state capitals. Don't ask me the capital of Nebraska or Washington or anything past M really. The teacher got cancer and had to leave during the middle of the year. I didn't learn about the constitution either, the teacher left for personal reasons and we had a substitute for the rest of the year - she barely went over government.....maybe it was a little boring at the time too, don't quote me on the whole thing?? Anyway, the only thing I knew about the constitution was what I've picked up over the years....like all this "Seperation of Church and State". But this is NOT mentioned in the constitution, nowhere, zip, notta, zilch . In fact, it has been taken out of context all together!

That term/phrase was used in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to a babtist (this is the spelling) minister/preacher who was concerned of a "state issued/run church". He stated in his letter that there would be a "seperation of church and state" - only meaning there would not be another "church of England."

And......... On Feb 28, 1892 the Supreme Court of the US ruled the United States to be a "Christian Nation."

Finally, the US was designed as a union of "Independent States" which means if you don't like the law where you live- MOVE!!!!!! (I know a bunch of people that should be moving to France or Amsterdam---check out their laws---they would fit in just fine and the US would be better off!)

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adoptedlife said...

I went to a Baptist high school and we never got past the Civil War in history class, all four years! I took a history survey class in college, but they covered two world wars in three hours, so I still don't know much about WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam. Pretty sad...