Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Birthmother, adopted parents, childless, childfree, adopted, fostered or raised with biological parents, we all have crosses to bear. Some are visible, some are disabilities of another kind. The person you think looks like has the "perfect life" - - - doesn't. We ALL have something we have to deal with. Some things may not seem very difficult to overcome, some are really bad. I believe that the people who have the hardest lives are the ones that are supposed to do something great. People that can handle those things - can handle anything that is thrown at them.

So many people have secrets in their lives but you would never know it.....they don't advrtise these hidden things.

The key to it all is how you let these things effect your life. I have many things that have happened to me and my family and friends that people wouldn't believe. Things that have nothing to do with adoption. I could let these things harden me, make me angry and bitter but I don't. I choose to have a clean slate every day. No grudges, no hatred, no hard feelings. Why should I let circumbstances, events or other people rob me of joy and a happy life?

The past is gone forever....I can't repair it but I have control over the far as how I feel and treat each day, treat each person I meet.

Make the most of you have only a few days to live. Tell people they are important to you, give back to your community, make someone smile everyday. Find things in which to be thankful every day------write them down, you'll be suprised how you start seeing more and more positive in your life......

Happy Valentine's day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frances said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

TeamWinks said...


Chelsi said...
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Chelsi said...

Sorry I need to repost - just wanted to say I really like this post and it resonated with me!! Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Miss said...

So why on earth do you always sound so mean, judgmental and angry?

Something's outta whack. I don't know whta it is, but what you SAY you are, sounds absolutely nothing like what you portray yourself to be, that's for sure.

I originally came here delighted to find an adoptee who shared another side of the picture. I always held on to the notion that there must be happy adoptees out there. I think I even left a couple of supportive comments. But wow, woman... the venom you spew without even REALIZING it. The subtext of judgement in everything you say. Your thinly veiled superiority. You stopped sounding like a real person, and more like a caricature. Let me just say, (as I am sure you are delighted to hear)that I'm looking elsewhere for the panultimate happy adoptee experience. Cuz honey... if you represent happy and well-adjusted... well... than I have always misunderstood the definition of the word.