Sunday, February 11, 2007


Let's talk selfishness.
Are these things selfish:
1. When a person asks a girlfriend/ boyfriend to wait to marry until threy finish school? YES
2. When a woman or man wants a spouse? Yes
3. When there are poor people in the world and you want to take a nice vacation? Yes
4. When a woman and man want to have a baby? Yes
5. When a woman and man have sex with no care about the safety and well being of the other? yes
6. When a couple will adopt to have a child? yes

You get my point. What is selfish? self satisfaction? Desire? Is it all wrong? no
So to anyone who says they are not selfish----they lie.


Anonymous said...

Yesterdays commenter got under your skin, huh? You're point is valid though. Everyone has some way that they are selfish.


TeamWinks said...

Fair enough.