Thursday, February 22, 2007


I think my biodad is really feeling a loss. His daughter just had a baby and he has called me once a week to give me updates. He keeps saying the baby looks like my baby pictures. I really feel bad because I don't want to take anything away from her and her special time with this new baby. Grandpa should be concentrating on them (even though they live a few states away).
I guess he never got to feel the loss before, he didn't know I existed until I e-mailed him when I was 33.

Meanwhile, my biomom has gotten some closure in the last few years and has gotten a great job, lost weight, gotten her bad knees fixed and is trying to quit smoking. Many of her nerveous habits and depression are gone. I'm so glad I sought her out....she said she would have never done it.

The internet has made things SO much easier. When I started looking - all I had was non-identiying information and the public library with records of births from the newspaper around the time of my birthday......believe me, no help at all there! Now everyone has access to records all over the world --- searching has been made so much easier!

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