Sunday, June 03, 2007

Miss and other anonymous posters

They think they are clever by having a blogger account with no blog so they can comment. It's funny really. They post on my blog, my feelings about adoption (that are actually the mainstream). At least they are reading....they are seeing that their views are not the only ones out there....that's the purpose of my posting. The funniest thing about it is they don't have the courage to post a link to their own blog. They have so much to say - I'd like to read their posts. But they would rather come on my blog and try to......I don't know what they think they are doing honestly. MISS actually needs to be on medication--or maybe she just needs some much needed sleep.


Miss said...

See, now why do you play into my hands so easily?? Why??

You have my email, just email me if you were actually interested. And why do you undermine your credibility so readily? If you are so confidant in your opinions, why on EARTH do the musings on some 'anonymous' commenter bother you so much?? I'm just one person. One lone person who doesn't like your tone. Why are you wasting so much energy on me??

Me thinks he doth protest too much.

(Oh, and case you're confused, I don't ACTUALLY think you are a 'he', I just didn't want to change the actual literary reference.)

Blogadict said...

Thats "Petunias" answer when one of the "mean" ones makes an undeniable point. She asks the person to identify themselves. To back up their research. I too found it strange, I was no less identified than she was, more really because my email address is right there. I ignore her mostly, unless theres a good argument that she hasnt deleted yet.

petunia said...

Still no blog links? you can argue your way around it all but I'm not asking for phone numbers....just a real link.

readerofblogs said...

Miss, personally I like you very much. I do NOT think you are in need of any medication.
I am a very unhappy adoptee, and I do NOT blog. I have this soley to comment. Just offering up to Petunia that there are unhappy adoptee who do not blog.

Miss said...

I need a BLOG in order to matter? But... but... I thought only unhappy adoptees write blogs. OOOOH... I see! You are making gross assumptions about my life, is that it?? Sort of like a stereotypical pile? GOTCHA!

Anyone else having a good time, or just me?

petunia said...

I think it's funny that you have a blog but won't post the link...hmmm. Are you afraid I will come and make stupid comments like you leave on mine?

Miss said...

No, honey... I need to slow it down don't I?

I. Don't. Have. A. Blog.

I was merely pointing out that by your own definition, it was most strange that you thought I should have one.

I'll tell you what, why don't you and any of your fellow-bullies just email me!

I'll even give you my real name. Miss is the nickname I've had since I was a kid, Mischka is my actual name.

Miss said...

What a shame, still no email from Miss P. For a moment there, I actually thought she might have some backbone to support her cries of 'Coward!'. Apparently not.

Miss P. while you aren't stepping up, I'm delighted to see that so many of your readers are.

Who's the coward now?


Tishslp said...

interesting, Mischka, exactly who do YOU think is doing the bullying here?

petunia said...

poor miss, if she DID have a blog of her own she could share her wisdom with everyone. Since she doesn't she has to try to hurt my takes more than throwing around big words to do that.

reedster said...


The bully is you. This is not your blog. Your posts are like freakin' cyber grafitti.

Miss said...

Oooooh.... pooow widdle Petunia! Did someone make a booboo?? Is da big bad Mischka not vewy nice to you??


Mischka: 1
Petoonia the hypocrite: big freaking ZERO

bwaaahhahaha... you didn't even last 24 hours before ducking and hiding. I gave you more credit than you deserved.

Thanks for the good time while it lasted. Trust me, we're keeping you in our prayers at our next bible study session. You may not deserve it, but you certainly need it.

Ever hear of a site called Trainwrecks?? Did you hear how they were taken down? You just NEVER know who you are crossing when you decide to bully someone. Six degrees of separation is more than the name of a movie, sunshine.

petunia said...

You are the trainwreck Miss. You really need some help.

dandtadoptnlove said...

Oh my gosh, I'm shocked by what I am reading! Miss, why are you treating Petunia like this? Why so much disrespect?

"Trust me, we're keeping you in our prayers at our next bible study session. You may not deserve it, but you certainly need it."

Please take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror before you make a comment such as you did above.

If Jesus were standing in front of you, would you be saying these things and acting in this way?

MomEtc. said...

Miss....YOU are the bully. Not only are you insulting, but you name-call and antagonize. Now it seems you've resorted to threats. It sounds like you are going to try to bring harm to Petunia because of what she has written on her site. Maybe we should make an effort to track you down and make sure you don't do any damage to innocent people.

Please just go away.

reedster said...


As you are in a Bible Study, there is hope. However, your claim that someone doesn't "deserve" prayer may be somethingyou should take up with your pastor/priest (or, perhaps, therapist).

Tishslp said...

Miss: in all sincerity, I'm really sorry for whatever happened in your life to make you so antagonistic and hostile. Your comments remind me of the behavior of so many older adopted children who go out of their way to alienate the very people who would welcome and help them. Not that we are in a position on this blog to actually help you directly, but the encouragement to medication and counseling is a good start, anyway.

You seem also to feel the need to deliver some sort of "payback" to Petunia. It's as if you feel you have to appear invincible and to do your best to hurt her worse than you've been hurt. Your attitude is one of "I'm going to make you pay tenfold for my pain". Frankly, you're hyper-focused on Petunia with a pathological intensity.

It's all a little over the top and, as I said before, you would do well to take the suggestion of therapy and medication. Good luck to you....really.

petunia said...

tish, miss thinks that I insulted her friends child who has a handicap....I have no idea what she's talking about but she said she "felt vindicated" so I guess she's gone. That was just bizarre.

Tishslp said...

Whatever. I'm just glad, as I'm sure everyone else is, also, that's she's gone.

Tishslp said...

P, do you think she's really gone or did they haul her into psychiatric lock-down????