Saturday, June 30, 2007

This was copied from a blog: I thought it was so good and the picture is adorable:

Aren't you glad I was adopted? I am.

I don’t have time to write this blog right now but I wanted to get it down before my heart moves on. Did you guys know that I am adopted? I think most of you probably know that. Last night I had to go to an adoption training for work and it really impacted me. Did you know that there are people out there that think adoption is a bad option? Only 1% of the girls who come to our centers place for adoption. Why? Most of the girls say it is because they would rather have an abortion which is easy and fast then deal with the pain of giving up a baby. Other girls say they would rather keep the baby to punish themselves for the decision they made to have sex in the first place(they really say that). And others still say adoption is horrible, babies are abused and forced into families they may not want.

Someone once said to me probably the reason why you weren’t aborted is because abortion wasn’t legal in Columbia at the time you were born. Here is a clue into one of the many reasons I am pro life. I was one decision away from being an abortion statistic. By God’s grace and possibly the chance of the moment, I made it through. I was adopted and grew up in a loving environment that provides and supports me every step of the way.

It hasn’t always been easy. I do believe we as a country need to let go of the stigma we place on adopted children. Mostly, ADOPTION IS AN AMAZING THING!!! There is NO SHAME in adopting and being adopted. Now that I am adult I have seen it from all sides. Being adopted, knowing friends who have placed for adoption, and knowing friends who are adoptive parents. The media and other avenues focus on the few negative situations and therefore as a culture we fear/ shy away from talking too much about it when a child is adopted. My purpose for this blog is mostly just to get us thinking about the way we think about adoption. Adoption to me is no less an awesome viable option for having a child then if you gave birth to your own baby. The child was no less planned, no less wanted, and no less purposed by God. My big encouragement is TALK about it. If you have adopted children DO NOT be ashamed about being open with them about it. It is a beautiful gift through and through. If you don’t look like your parents, WHO CARES!!! If you know someone who is adopted, ask them what it is like. But also be sensitive that at the time they may not want to talk about it(especially teenagers). Remember we are not a science experiment…(some people talk to me about my adoption like that, for real!) ADOPTION IS AWESOME.

On a personal note, thank you Mom and Dad for adopting me. You are my wonderful parents and I wish I could I hug a squeeze you right now. I am no less your child then if I had been put into your own stomach! I bless and love my birth mother for not giving up on me. I bet it was SO hard for her to do but her decision certainly impacted my life;)


BestLight said...

Petunia, thanks for linking that. It gives hope to parents like me. :)

Fun with Fairchildren said...

Thanks Petunia. I am really glad this is able to encourage people. Adoption is an awesome thing and I would not have wanted it any other way.

reedster said...

What happened to this blog? :(

petunia said...

I don't know - last thing I heard it was given up because so many people were bashing on them for being a happy adoptee.