Friday, June 01, 2007

When considering Adoption:

Positive Language/Negative Language

Birthparent /Real parent
Biological parent/Natural parent
Birth child/ Own child
My child /Adopted child; Own child
Born to unmarried parents/ Illegitimate
Terminate parental rights/ Give up
Make an adoption plan/ Give away
To parent/ To keep
Waiting child/ Adoptable child; available child
Biological or birthfather/Real father
Making contact with/ Reunion
Parent /Adoptive parent
Intercountry adoption/ Foreign adoption
Adoption triad/ Adoption triangle
Permission to sign a release/ Disclosure
Search /Track down parents
Child placed for adoption/ An unwanted child
Court termination/ Child taken away
Child with special needs/ Handicapped child
Child from abroad/ Foreign child


Alycia said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comment. I am also blessed to have found your blog and look forward to my time here reading. I have a heart for adoption and we feel that God may be leading is that direction someday. So, I really appreciate what you are sharing with us. I enjoyed this particular post so that I can be well informed as well. Blessings to you!

Miss said...

Wow... the world according to Petunia.

At least your web address could not be a more accurate reflection of the content.

Tishslp said...

Good post, P! Glad to see I'm not using any "bad" words :)

Alycia, popped into your blog...what a great site. Love it. Best wishes to you guys as you discern the role adoption will play in your lives. :)

petunia said...

Miss -if you could read you would see a few posts back explaining why my web address started that way---thanks for commenting though, you may learn somthing by reading.

Being Me said...

Did you make this up all by yourself?

petunia said...

If you would do any research -- it's all over the internet on good adoption websites.

Although, I have a feeling I know who you are and your problem is - you concentrate on the "unhappy adoptee" blogs.

Miss said...

OH, honey... you've taught me more than I could EVER have hoped. Perhaps next time before you try to keep up, you might want to look up the definition of the term 'irony'.

Still don't get it, do you.