Friday, June 29, 2007

This is my "Visual DNA"....
To put this on your blog you must add
lj-embed id="2" (with a "more than"in front and a "less than"
at the end)
in front of the URL and
/lj-embed (with a < and > again)
at the end of your URL
(it won't let me write this any other way-sorry)


BestLight said...

Hi, Petunia.

You look like someone I'd like to travel with, eat chocolate with, and shave backs with (yuck, actually).

Cool thingy!

Tishslp said...

well, I don't know about the shaving part, but I'm in for the travel and the chocolate!!

Actually, my sweetie DH has a hairy back and I kinda like it....he's my teddy bear (wuv)

petunia said...

no insult meant tish - I know somegirls like their guys hairy, it's just not my thing.:):)

Tishslp said...

none taken. you know that :)

actually, it's more a love thing, i think, cause not really into hairy guys as a rule.....but my sweetie is just hairy sweetie :)