Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Adoption is Complicated

The more stories I read about adoption the more sad it makes me. It's complicated, this adoption stuff. When I write about adoption I'm talking about infant adoption. I girl goes in to an agency and makes a decision about placing a child for adoption. Whether that's done out of desperation, poverty, necessity, etc., it's a choice they make. They or the agency (It's better if it's the biomom) make a decision by looking at profiles and choosing a family that they can decide on and maybe even meet before the final decision is made. This is the "adoption" I speak of.

There are so many other adoption situations...the foster child (who I'm sure is always hurt in the process) and the foreign adoption (again, older when adopted and hurt throughout). These kids suffer. They are with people, then they are not....that leaves a mark that stays.

It hurts me to think any kid grows up without being loved and matter if they are with their biological family or not. Don't you wish there was an easy way to fix that?

For those who are angry, upset, sad, depressed and hurt.... I'm sorry if it was lack of love from your family or the family you were one deserves that. Find someone to give you a BIG hug every may not fix anything but it sure can't hurt!

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Pep said...

Awwww that was a sweet post -
and certainly from your heart.

Hug - Pep