Sunday, August 05, 2007


There are nuts out there...let me tell you. I have come across a few - read about some but this one takes the cake.

Legalized Lies is the title of a website...the opening line:
All of our profits go directly toward family preservation and public awareness campaigns to ensure that adoption will soon be nothing more than a shameful part of our history
This gal puts out anti adoption t-shirts, mouse pads, bags and button-talk about a screw loose!

Read a little more about this here: By the way - she's not an adoptee, birthmother or aparent.


Anonymous said...

GET A CLUE !!!!!!!


petunia said...

you must be the nut with the shirts... :) howdy

Anonymous said...

I hate the hate and lies spewed by the anti-adoption folks. Keep up the good work Petunia!

Me said...

It's interesting that you are allowing anonymous comment again.
AND that you're attacking people again.
What happened? Is your traffic down?

Are you feeling unloved?

Awwww... (((HUGS))).

Just remember sweetie, you don't have to blow out someone else's candle to make yours shine brighter.

You're already a star anyway.

petunia said...

Actually, I thought I got rid of all the idiots who like their digs - I guess I'll have to go back to no anonymous comments again. I guess you were viewing but too afraid to even make up a name to use.
If you think this anti-adoption crap is okay and this woman is normal you have a problem.
I am not attacking anyone - I'm just saying the obvious - this gal is a nut. She is not part of adoption at all...maybe she's jumping on the bandwagon to make money - who knows.
This is like selling shirts at the insane asylum...very poor taste.

MomEtc. said...

Well, these shirts have one thing in common with all the pro-adoption ones I've seen online: I've never seen anyone wearing either.

I think these sites selling these items get a lot of hype for nothing.

Tishslp said...

I'm familiar with the person to whom you make reference in your post. She is most certainly a nut. It's really not even worth going to her site....sad, really.

Perky said...

Speechless. I'm speechless.

I went to website and can't believe what I read.

Okay, I'm finding my voice now -- I'll speak only for myself here. I was adopted as an infant. I'm GLAD I was adopted. I'm THANKFUL I was adopted. I've ENJOYED being my (adoptive) parent's daughter. I've NEVER used drugs. I've NEVER been in trouble with the law. I've ALWAYS been "normal", "happy", and "comfortable" with myself. While I wouldn't refuse a meeting if my birthmother sought me out, I have no interest in pursuing a meeting. Adoption was such a blessing to me that I CHOSE to adopt my children. My children were orphans, so there was no chance that they would EVER be raised by their birthfamilies. Like me, they are growing up happy, healthy and loved.

But...... that's just me. What do I know?

; )