Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Follow Up...

I recently wrote an E-mail to "a child is waiting" agency to tell them how I felt about their "disruption" clause for adoption.
Even though I was sort of polite, it was not a nice e-mail to say the least.

This is the response I received...
I agree that it is disturbing. Sadly it is a reality when families adopt
special needs children. We hope to change policies and advocate for
reform in many area of adoption in order to prent disruptions from happening.

thanks for your email.
I hope they got enough e-mails about it that they will truly consider change.


Trace said...

You think they were patronizing you? Could be, there is no way to know.

petunia said...

I don't know Trace, either way, too little too late, I say.

Amyadoptee said...

They will not stop those disrupted adoptions. I have done enough research into them. They usually create these situations. I have heard many a story from both adoptive parents and natural parents. They are a very unethical adoption agency. To all adoptive parents run as fast as you can.