Sunday, January 13, 2008

Charity giving

UNICEF sounds like a great organization - wow, they have great ideals....
The sad reality is that only $0.20 of ever dollar goes to the children. The rest is eaten up by the UN for program administration.

Which means that out of the $15 billion collected for the program in 2006 only $3 billion was actually spent on children.

A reporter a few years ago did an investigation and followed the money trail, he was surprised to find that the money collected for UNICEF, a good portion was used to buy tanks for the Cubans in Angola. is one organization you can use to look up a charity to whom you are donating.


Lori said...

I had no idea.

Thanks for the link. I'll be using it to donate more wisely.

GDS said...

There may be some individual sub-groups within UNICEF that do great work, but generally, it a self-serving, bloated organization with lousy ideals.

First, read up on their track record on international adoption. They also focus on what they consider maintaining indigenous lifestyles, even if it means living in squalor or subsistence. They might provide you with medicine and "family planning", but God forbid they teach you how to farm or raise livestock because that would be a detriment to the environment.

Anyway - thanks for the reference, I could spend hours on that web site.

Gershom said...

Tishslp said...

someone alerted me to UNICEF a while ago...self-serving and bloated is right.

.20/dollar is shameful....truly.