Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama and Clinton - talk about a bad economy!

I hope people realize if either of the two "children" win.... our economy will be shot to H*LL. They both want to increase the dividend and capital gains tax ----ludicrous! You think our stock exchange is bad now? You think retired people have a hard living on dividends?? The Democrats want to make people with money pay more - but in doing so you will stop people from buying and selling will stop investment....I hope the democrats start paying more attention! How people that are college educated can be so stupid is beyond me!!!!!????

Obama also said he would repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans....come on...idiot....who makes the world go 'round here? These are the guys who give the jobs, build the businesses and help our economy...stupid stupid stupid.

looked at another way Obama is telling us he supports a 268% tax increase on consumers...


Pep said...

Petunia - I loved hearing from you on my blog! Thanks for posting. I do believe in prayer- very much so. And, I do believe in praying for our birthmother, whoever she may be- perhaps I've been neglectful and need to remember her more often. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs - Pep

petunia said...

pep--- it's so true. It's the most obvious thing when you really start looking but most people don't want to see it. The blinders are on because if they admitted that there was no way to pinpoint a time when the "fetus" is a baby...they would have to admit that aborting is murder. A 3 cell mass has DNA of it's own, separate from the mother...that should tell people it is a human being that will grow to be a fulling functioning baby, child, adolescent, adult..... there are many stages.
Thanks for the comment!